Emani Vegan Couture Makeup Brush Collection

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  • 100% Vegan Fiber brush tips
  • Soft-beveled to create unparalleled precision.
  • Easy to clean and fast drying.

Vegan Duo Face Blender


  • Flat brush end picks up powder and buffs skin to a flawless HD finish.
  • Fan brush end is perfect for applying contour or bronzer to create chiseling cheekbones and jawlines.
  • Dense yet soft bristles are perfect for powder foundation and setting powder.

Vegan Duo Lip & Eye Brush


  • Rounded smudging brush end perfectly deposits shadows to create eye contours.
  • Lip brush end is firm and precise for the ultimate lip color application.
  • Perfect blender for smaller areas of eyes.

Vegan Duo Shadow Brush


  • Flat brush end perfect for depositing eye base color.
  • Round brush end easily hugs the contours of the eyes for precise application.
  • Designed to enhance and sculpt the eyes.

Vegan Duo Brow & Eye Brush


  • Firm angled brush end fills in color and defines brows.
  • Spoolie brush end grooms brows and separates lashes.

Vegan Duo Contour Brush


  • Flat angle brush end chisels and defines bone structure.
  • Slanted round brush end hugs and blends away any harsh lines for a flawless finish.

Vegan Duo Foundation Brush


  • Flat brush end designed for blending liquid, cream, and powder foundation.
  • Powder brush end buffs on powder foundation and finishing powder for an airbrushed look.
  • Firm and flexible for quicker and easier make up application.